I owe a lot to my home, my parents, and my sister for being the foundation of who I am as a person, an artist. Many of my pictures are taken in a garage which has been used for everything but housing cars. This is where my colored backdrops come from. I wish I had some passionate story on why I chose photography of all art forms, but, as I whole heartedly believe in fate, I think the camera and I found each other at a time when I had lost myself. My whole childhood was spent creating horror movies, and skits with my twin sister and cousin, along with the occasional look book and makeup tutorial. I never pegged myself as the girl who had a passion for anything, in my mind I believed I had to be taking ballet classes or singing lessons to be able to call myself talented, or at the very least passionate. I often go back to my porch, as I very distinctly remember filming a horror movie on it. I have always been fond of horror and was determined to play the creepy, haunted girl. I wore a yellow dress in the “movie”, which had once belonged to my great grandmother and an old, ratty wig. To this day I use my great grandmother’s clothes in my photographs, as well as wigs (scroll down to the very last picture).

I grew up learning that there’s potential in everyone and everything. From houses to dogs, my parents always end up finding the good in everything, and what’s not so good can always be fixed with a little TLC. I grew up learning that thrift stores are just as nice a big name brands, you just have to put in a little extra work. My home is the perfect studio and thrift stores the perfect closet for shoots. If I have one overarching goal in my lifetime, it’s to show people that money is the least important factor in self expression. From makeup looks, to outfits, to photography, you do not need to be rich, you just simply need to look at what you have in front of you with a different perspective. Below is a collection of some of my favorite “at home” shots: fur7

Old School


Gucci Season 0


Fabric Face


Lavender legs


Fabric Face


Gucci Season 0


Drive In


Eat Your Fiber


100% Human Hair


Old School



Vinyl Sided

August 11, 2016

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