Honestly I’d wear black everyday if I could but since I chronically look like I’m going to murder somebody, I think it’s best that I dress the least off-putting that I can.

Adding color can be difficult but once you have the basics (blacks, whites, grays), and you know which colors look best with your skin tone and hair color, then making your outfits vibrant is easy.

Recently I’ve been in to yellows and oranges which is unusual for me as I never saw myself as someone who would be drawn to brighter colors. Of course, I don’t mean sunshine yellow or barbie pink, look for more muted colors like mustard yellow.

Here is an outfit I put together that uses black and white with a pop of color. happy3happy4I couldn’t tell you why my body looks crooked in that second picture, but all that really matters is the skirt.

The top is from Forever21 and the bottom is from H&M, sadly neither are thrifts, but the skirt is a houndstooth print, so I think I get a 50% for the day.

As you can see the top is muted, but it makes the outfit more interesting than say a black crop top, (I have to say I feel like a secretary in this outfit, the glasses and typewriter in the back are really helping to the cause).

Just simply adding color in one element is all you need to bring something more interesting to your wardrobe. I also talked about this in my Modern Classics post.

I’m in the middle of making a two piece and, hopefully to go along with it,  a clutch out of a leather skirt I found at an antique store, so look out for that 🙂


January 5, 2016

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